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Pilar García Negro


Pilar García Negro is a full professor in the area of ​​Galician and Portuguese Philology at the University of A Coruña.

The main topics developed throughout her research and teaching career were the following: 1. Didactics of the Galician language and literature. 2. Completion of the first university work related to the language-legislation connection. Determining the legal-linguistic treatment of the Galician language from the preconstitutional and constitutional legislation was the central object of her doctoral thesis, from which the volume O galego e as leis. Sociolinguistic approach (1991) derived. 3. Works and publications focused on the construction of modern Galician sociolinguistics. 4. Research focused on Rosalía de Castro. After several works and articles in which she began composing the author's vera effigies, according to her production, she addressed a more complex and complete treatment, referring to the following topics: feminism, creation of modern Galician essay genre and updated reading of Galician poetry . This dedication gave rise, first, to the edition of El caballero de las botas azules (1867), accompanied by two previous fundamental writings: “Lieders” (1858) and “Las literatas” (1866). Secondly, she studied the prologues of Cantares gallegos and Follas novas as the beginning of the essay genre of Galician literature, as well as the adhesion to feminism, the backbone of all Rosalian production. The study of these subjects, gathered in the book O clamor da rebeldía. Rosalía de Castro: ensaio e feminismo, deserved the Vicente Risco Essay Prize 2010. Thirdly, she delved into the modernized reading of the writer's central work. From it derived the publication of Cantares gallegos, hoxe. Unha lectura actualizada de Rosalía de Castro (2013), Best Non-Fiction Work Prize 2014, awarded by the Galician Association of Publishers.

The critical edition and the editorial update of central authors of Galician literature was another of Garcia Negro's dimensions of  publishing research dedication. Rosalía de Castro, Lamas Carvajal, Ramón Vilar Ponte, Xosé Mª Álvarez Blázquez, Ricardo Carvalho Calero, Manuel María, Uxío Novoneyra, Marica Campo… are some of the authors she studied and published.

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