Ana Garrido's conference
December 19th 2022, 13:00 h

'Xohana Torres, das viúvas de vivo ás mulleres navegantes' will be the topic of her conference.

Ana Garrido is a doctor of Humanities, with a specialization in Literature from the University of Warsow, and a graduate in Philology from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

In 2019 she received the Premio de Ensaio Xohana Torres because of her work Xohana Torres: da viúva de vivo á muller navegante, published by USC Editora. She co-edited several collective volumes, some of them are Identidade, memoria e xénero: un achegamento panorámico aos Estudos Galegos (2014), Identidad, género y nuevas subjetividades en las literaturas hispánicas (2016) and Identidade(s) e xénero(s) na cultura galega: unha achega interdisciplinar (2018). She is the author of many academic papers about literature and emigration, gender studies and contemporary peninsular narrative in journals such as MadrygalItinerariosAbriu...

Currently, she is a professor at University of Warsow and a member of the Research Group Gender, Identity and Discourse in Spain and Latin America (GENIA). She was the secretary and president of the AIEG (Asociación Internacional de Estudos Galegos).