The complete works of Manuel Lourenzo, a central figure in Galician theatre, have been published
June 2022

Cilha Lourenço Módia, member of ILLA, is the literary editor.

The Federación Galiza Cultura publishes the complete theatre of Manuel Lourenzo in 7 volumes of approximately 700 pages each. There are almost 300 plays written between 1960 and 2022, many of them unpublished. The volumes have been ordered and edited by the author and the responsibility for the edition has fallen on Cilha Lourenço Módia, member of ILLA.

The first volume has a prologue by Pilar García Negro, honorary professor at ILLA, entitled "Ejercicio de sinonimia: Manuel Lourenzo = Teatro Galego" and a short text by the playwright himself, "Brizos na pucharca". 

So far, the first four volumes have been published, the fifth is in press and the last two are expected to appear in 2022.

The volumes include information on the date of writing and/or publication of each play, as well as the awards received. For plays that have been performed, the date of the premiere, the name of the group that first performed the play and the name of the director of the show are included. 

We are pleased with this publication and we send our congratulations to the author and the publisher.