II 'Francisco Pillado Mayor' Theatre Library and Archive Encounter
28th May 2021
Online session

After the positive experience of the first encounter in 2019, ILLA group devotes the second edition of the theatrical research seminar to studies in Portuguese theatre.

The event is coordenated by professor Carlos Biscainho, and will take place online via Microsoft Teams and  will run according to the following programme:

  • 10 am: welcome by Laura Tato, coordinator  of Francisco Pillado Mayor Theatre Library and Archive Scientific Committee
  • 10:20 am: presentation of the new stage of the collections at 'Francisco Pillado Mayor' Theatre Library and Archive
  • 10:45 h: exposition by Fernando Matos de Oliveira,  professor expert in Theatre Studies at the University of Coimbra and director of the Gil Vicente Academic Theatre
  • 11:10 h: exposition by Francesca Rayner, professor at the University of Minho and Research Team in Performance Studies coordinator
  • 11:35 h: exposition by Helder Maia, professor at the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo do Porto
  • 12:00 h: exposition by José Alberto Ferreira, researcher at the Arts School (section of Scenic Arts) at the University of Évora
  • 12:25 h: exposition by Rui Madeira, director of the Companhia de Teatro de Braga.
  • 12:50 h: exposition by Rui Pinha Coelho, professor of the Center for Theatre Studies at the University of Lisbon
  • 13:15 h: exposition by António Augusto Barros, president og Cena Lusófona and director of the company Escola da Noite.
  • 13:35 h: dialogue between the participants
  • 14:00 h: closing of the day

After the interventions of all people invited, the following dialogue will aim at exploring collaboration and publishing possibilities in the Green Series of the 'Francisco Pillado Mayor' Theatre Library and Archive.