Historia do teatro galego. Das orixes a 1936


Tato Fontaíña, Laura

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Theatre studies




Edicións A Nosa Terra

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In all standardised cultures, entire volumes of literary history are devoted to the analysis of dramatic literature, owing to the special circumstances and characteristics of the genre and its development. Laura Tato Fontaíña’s new study is an attempt to contribute to such a history for Galicia, tracing the development of Galician drama from its origins to 1936.

The story of the theatre in Galicia is like the course of a river: from the gurgling underground spring and rushing young stream of its beginnings, into the deep meandering calm of the fully formed current, its progress alternately hastened and halted by the riverbed of social reality. The natural advance of Galician drama was violently interrupted, however, by the fascist uprising in 1936; it would take a further three decades for the accumulated waters to break through and surge forward once again.