Gramática Histórica Galega. II. Lexicoloxía


Ferreiro, Manuel

Research lines

Historical linguistics and history of the language




Edicións Laiovento

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In this companion to the first part of Gramática Histórica Galega, Manuel Ferreiro chronicles the fortunes of the Galician language from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Lexicoloxía brings to a close the centuries-long linguistic journey initiated in Fonética e morfosintaxe. The twin volumes represent yet another canonical work of reference by Ferreiro, and a vital resource for readers interested in learning more about the origins and evolution of the single most important sign of Galician national identity: its language.

Ferreiro’s detailed analysis explores and explains the creation of lexicon in Galician (place and people’s names, as well as general vocabulary), the mechanisms of lexical expansion by which the number of words and meanings in the language increased, and the incorporation and appropriation of a diverse range of linguistic elements from other language systems.