O Himno Galego. Documentos Históricos (1890-1907)


Ferreiro, Manuel

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Literary and culture studies





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In most of Europe, the main emblems and signs of national identity were established in the 19th century. In Galicia, as elsewhere, the definition of a trio of national symbols – flag, coat of arms and anthem – represented a declaration of identity and sovereignty (real or desired) by a nation with its own history, its own way of thinking, and the will to exist and survive in its own right.

O Himno Galego. Documentos históricos is a facsimile collection of documents relating to the composition and creation of the Galician national anthem. The collection includes: the handwritten manuscript of the poem, ‘Os Pinos’, by Eduardo Pondal, including final corrections and two new stanzas added just before the poem’s completion (VIII and IX); the musical score composed by Pascual Veiga for the 1890 competition; the official terms and conditions of the competition; and a selection of correspondence between Pondal and Veiga, chronicling the process by which ‘Os Pinos’ came into being.