Gramática práctica da lingua galega. Comunicación e expresión


López Viñas, Xoán / Lourenço Módia, Cilha / Moreda Leirado, Marisa

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Galician grammar




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Gramática práctica da lingua galega is a language guide aimed at enhancing communication and cultural identity among speakers of the Galician language. The book is intended for readers wishing to improve their knowledge and use of the language, and provides answers to a range of practical and theoretical questions in relation to written and oral uses.

The book is divided into eight main chapters: I. Communication and language. II. Language, linguistic community, variation and change. III. Phonetics and phonology. IV. Written and oral language. V. Morphology. VI. Syntax. VII. Lexical semantics and lexicography. VIII. General linguistics.

In addition to the standard categories of linguistic analysis, the guide also attempts to reflect the language experience in a broader sense, by exploring a number of pragmatic aspects not usually addressed in grammars of this kind, such as: the relationship between language and society; transforming oral language into written language; and different types of texts.