Textos recuperados. De Galo Salinas a Castelao


Ogando, Iolanda / Tato Fontaíña, Laura

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Theatre studies




Biblioteca-Arquivo Teatral Francisco Pillado Mayor

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Textos recuperados. De Galo Salinas a Castelao is a collection of theatre texts by different Galician authors from the period 1903-1923, brought together in this volume in an attempt to offer a new understanding of and insight into some of the lesser-known aspects of the history of Galician drama. The collection comprises nineteen texts in total, including eighteen plays and one unfinished letter by Alfonso D. R. Castelao containing the author’s proposed programme for an Arts Theatre performance.

The plays in the collection have been ‘recovered’ from unpublished manuscripts or the small-circulation (and now hard-to-access) publications in which they first appeared. The four texts by Galo Salinas illustrate his evolution as a playwright and pioneering contribution to Galician drama: Sabela, Entre dous mundos, Os meus amores and Copas e bastos.

In addition to Galo Salinas and Castelao, the collection also features work by Alfredo Nan de Allariz, Emiliano Balás Silva, José M. López Castiñeiras, Salvador Cabeza de León, Manuel Posse Rodríguez, Euxenio Charlón and Manuel Sánchez Hermida, José Ares Miramonte, Manuel Vidal, Manuel Rei Posse and the anonymous ‘Nin Guén’.