A conference given by Inma Doval will be the start of a new edition of the series 'Aula aberta'
March 23rd 2023, 19:30h
AC Alexandre Bóveda (A Coruña)

The series, organized by ILLA with the collaboration of Agrupación Cultural Alexandre Bóveda, will take place between March and June. 

The conference, titled 'A proxección cultural das poetas galegas nas redes sociais dixitais: catro casos representativos', is based on the consolidation that social media facilitates communication and relationships between people. At the same time, it envolves the creation of a new public space that allows the (re)presentation of the self, on many times with a performative character.

In this speech, it will be analysed the projection of contemporary Galician authors (Helena Villar Janeiro, Dores Tembrás, Afra Torrado and Estíbaliz Espinosa) on social media, how these authors use social media to (re)present themselves in front of a multiple and heteregoneous audience and how they create a cohesive and (auto)biographical space for the development and recovery of the individual and colective memory. It will be shown how the authors use these public spheres linked as cyber activism and empowerment places with the aim of building the dominant discourse. 

Inma Doval graduated from USC in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and she has a master's degree in Literature, Culture and Diversity at UDC. She is working on a thesis about the relations between poetry and plastic arts that can be found in contemporary women poets from Galicia. Portugal and Brazil, which is part of her PhD program in Literary Studies (UDC/UVigo), directed by professor Carlos Paulo Martínez and that it is integrated in the Grupo Illa. She is a librarian at Universidad da Coruña and she also moderates the Nébeda reading club; she is a multidisciplinary artist and a cultural activist.