ILLA organises the conference 'Neofalantismo e calidade da lingua'
27th November 2020
Faculty of Philology (UDC)

The academic debate meeting is coordinated by Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato and Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei and features the participation of prominent specialists on the topic of non-native Galician speakers.

The meeting will take place at the Faculty of Philology Conference Room, and it is organised according to the following programme:

Opening Act

11 am

María Jesús Lorenzo Modia (Dean of the Faculty of Philology of UDC)
Teresa López (Director of the Department of Letters of UDC and coordinator of ILLA) Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato (as an organiser of the event)

First session

11:30 am

Fernando Ramallo (UVIGO)

“Que entendemos (e que non) por neofalante?” 

Presenter: Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato

Colloquium, 12:15 pm

Second session

12:30 pm

Xosé Luís Regueira (USC)

"Neofalantes: a emerxencia de novas identidades e a cuestión da autenticidade"

Presenter: Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei
Colloquium, 1:15 pm


Third session

4:00 pm

Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei (UDC)

“Sintaxe, léxico e calidade da lingua nas persoas neofalantes” 

Presenter: María Fernández Zas
Colloquium, 4:45 pm

Fourth session

5:00 pm

Vítor Vaqueiro: “Identidade, universalidade, neofalantismo” 

Presenter: Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato

Colloquium, 5:45 pm

Fifth session

6:00 pm

Deirdre Barry Murphy (A Coruña Official Language School)

“De Cork a Malpica: o neofalantismo en galego desde o inglés” 

Presenter: Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei

Colloquium, 6:45 pm

Closing act

7:00 pm

Xosé M. Sánchez Rei
María Fernández Zas

The scientific committee of the event is formed by Aurélia Merlan (Univ. Munich), Carlos Garrido (Univ. Vigo), Elisa Fernández Rei (Univ. Santiago de Compostela), Isabel Margarida Duarte (Univ. Porto), Manuel Ferreiro (Univ. of A Coruña), Maria Aldina Marques (Univ. do Minho), María Jesús Lorenzo Modia (Univ. of A Coruña), Maria José Carvalho (Univ. Lisbon), María Pilar García Negro (Univ. of A Coruña), Neal Baxter (Univ. Vigo), Teresa López (Univ. of A Coruña) and Xavier Varela (Univ. Santiago de Compostela).