"Razões de fogo, versos fabricados". Sonetos portugueses dos séculos XVI, XVII e XVIII


Martínez Pereiro, Carlos Paulo

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Literature in Portuguese




Editorial Espiral Maior, Col. ‘Poesía’

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Razões de fogo, versos fabricados is a collection of fifty sonnets by twenty-five Portuguese authors from the 16th-18th centuries. The survey of poems and poets, charting the evolution of one of the strictest and most demanding poetic forms, traces the intersections and influences of Portugal’s literary past, from the Renaissance and Mannerism, through Baroque and Neoclassicism, to the Arcadians and the Pre-Romantics.

Carlos Paulo Martínez Pereiro’s latest work is a unique opportunity for readers to discover and reflect on the historical importance and aesthetic accomplishment of classical Portuguese literature. The collection brings together a host of well-known figures, including Sá de Miranda, Luís de Camões, Jerónimo Baía, Francisco Manuel de Melo, Paulino António Cabral, Leonor de Almeida and Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage.