Cucou o cuco cuqueiro. Lingua e estilo na obra de Manuel María


Freixeiro Mato, Xosé Ramón

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Fundación Caixa Galicia

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Cucou o cuco cuqueiro invites readers to discover the work of Manuel María, the writer and champion of the social and political potential of the Galician language and its status as the single most powerful symbol of the nation’s collective identity. María made no distinction between the language of his home life, the language of his literature, and the language of his social and political activism.

In addition to the stylistic aspects of his writing, Cucou o cuco cuqueiro also examines the author’s public statements about the Galician language and the historical context of his work, in an attempt to delineaete the main features of his philosophy and his model of Galician as a living literary language.

Cucou o cuco cuqueiro was awarded the 20th Ánxel Fole Literary Prize in 2006.