Gramática da Lingua Galega I. Fonética e fonoloxía


Freixeiro Mato, Xosé Ramón

Research lines

Galician grammar




A Nosa Terra

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Fonética e fonoloxía is the first book in a new grammar series by Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato. The Gramática da Lingua Galega project has been created to provide readers with a common model of Galician grammar, based on a systematic, reflexive analysis of the essence of the language and the present and future needs of its users.

The aim of the series is to construct a separate theoretical framework for the description and analysis of Galician grammar. Freixeiro Mato’s model expressly refrains from any engagement with the discourse of diglossia between Galician and Spanish, examining instead the experience and example of a range of different language systems (neighbouring languages as well as a few more distant cousins), though always from the perspective of Galician as an independent coequal.

All of the studies in the Gramática da Lingua Galega series are based on the generally accepted model of common Galician. However, no study or description of the language would be complete without reference to dialectal variation within Galician, its relationship with the common model, and how it is manifested in the language habits of everyday speakers. Class and register considerations are also essential given the historical experience of modern Galician, where the habitual mixing of linguistic levels and registers has become part of the written standard as well precisely because of the absence of a formal literary model established from above.